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Freestyle BMX:

Freestyle BMX Description:
Get ready for BMX Games in 3D! This edition of BMX Freestyle game, sponsored by Miniclip, features a 3D game engine. It is one of the first BMX Games of its kind. As you click to begin the gaming experience you will be confronted with your first set of options, where the player will need to choose between two BMX biker characters, one male and one female. As soon as you click on one of the two characters the BMX Game will load and automatically give you a quick tour of the riding stage. The scenery shown at the beginning are pretty much your boundaries, all stunts and bike riding will need to be performed here, so it is much to your advantage to become familiar with the stage in order to plan your stunts ahead of time.
As the title says, this is BMX Freestyle, meaning everything goes. The player is given three minutes to do their thing in the various ramps provided. As simple as it may sound, that is really all there is to it. The more stunts and BMX tricks you perform within the given time frame the higher your final score will be. The game offers the player a chance to submit your score to the miniclip database, however, as with most flash games, this action will take the player away from the current website and on to the sponsorís site.

Game controls are quite simple and straight forward. Use the keyboard arrow keys to move and control the BMX bike. The UP arrow will move the bike forward, while the DOWN arrow will put on the brakes. The LEFT and RIGHT arrow will serve to steer the bike in either direction. You can make use of the spacebar to jump, and again the arrow keys to perform stunts while the bike is in the air. The X key will also yield special moves or stunts while the bike is in the air. Have fun!