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BMX Stunt Island:

BMX Stunt Island Description:
Welcome to the exiting BMX bike adventure within ‘Stunt Bike Island’. A unique BMX adventure game, which allows the player to enjoy his favorite sport surrounded by beautiful beachfront scenery. As you click on the game, the first screen you will see is just an intro screen, followed by the options screen. The thing you will notice in this BMX game is that the biker is a girl, this cannot be changed. Then, you can look into the different outfits available and choose one for your biker. There are also three bike schemes to choose from for your BMX bike. Once finished with the outfit and bike scheme, the player may move on to the island configuration by clicking on the ‘Next’ button. Notice that every island is not only shaped differently, but present different kinds of obstacles to the rider. The first island available, from left to right, is ‘Piapa’ Island, which features high mountain tops and bumpy roads. This is particularly helpful for players who like high jumps and performing BMX tricks and Stunts. Next, there is ‘Nui Wei’ island, good for gathering speed because of its longer straight paths. Finally there is Ho’oku’i Island, which is the most difficult of the three islands. The player will be required to perform a number of double stunts as part of the overall adventure in the island.
The object of the game is basically to increase your score while catching big air, performing stunts and collecting bonus items before your time runs out in the clock. Remember this game will award the player a good number of points just by ‘catching air’, which means that the higher your jumps, the higher your score will be. Once in mid-air you can supplement your score by performing tricks, these BMX tricks will often double the score of your jump. As the player rides his bike along the track, he will come across a number of bonus items. The pink flower for example, will give the player more stamina. However, the item shaped like a pineapple drink will give the rider even more strength. There are also totems with a 2x, or a 4x marker, which means the player’s score will be multiplied by 2, or even 4. A nifty feature about this BMX Game is that there are no tracks to follow, you may roam about the island freely, again, until the time on the clock runs out.

To steer the bike use the RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys, use the UP arrow key to pedal forward, and the DOWN arrow key to hit the brakes. To perform a stunt press the S key, and use to Spacebar key to hop.