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Colacao BMX:

Colacao BMX Description:
This is one of the best BMX racing games out there. The player will start off this BMX game in the beginning of a bike race, with his BMX bike in hand and ready to roll. You will then have five minutes in the time clock in which to ride your BMX bike around the track performing stunts and collecting bonus points in the form of objects. The bonus objects shown will have the form of a Colacao drinking product, which are the proud sponsors of this game. Collecting items will produce anywhere between 500 to 1,000 points per item, however, succesfully performing a stunt by pressing the spacebar or the X key, while in mid air will yield up to 5,000 points. Taking in consideration that the quota for getting pass the first level is 50,000 points and the second level demands a smashing 60,000 points, it becomes mandatory to perform at least three succesful front flips per level.
The player will need to use the arrow keys to move the bike forward, lean left and right, and make use of the "DOWN" arrow key to brake. You may also use the spacebar to jump, and the X keyboard key to perform additional stunts. Remember, this is not actually a race; you will not get more points by getting to the finish line sooner. The object of this BMX Game Online is to acquire at least 50,000 points in the first level by collecting as many Colacao products as possible, and why not, perform a few stunts along the way and have some fun doing it. Be careful when gathering speed, you will be more likely to fall or miss some of the goodies on the road, enjoy!