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Sik Trix BMX:

Sik Trix BMX Description:
Six Trix BMX is a free online BMX game offered by thousands of free arcade game websites. The two people responsible for the development of the game are Steve Castro and June Tuttle.
This is a great online BMX game that uses the keyboard keys to steer the biker in the game.
The object of the game is to perform as many tricks with your bike as possible. Be careful when doing tricks on your BMX bike, if you fail to complete the stunt all the way through, you will not be awarded any bonus points. In the beginning, each player is given 3 confidence levels. The confidence level (CL) must reach a certain level before you can perform special tricks. Falling down will cause your confidence level to diminish. When you are riding up a ramp, make sure you use the right or left arrow key to balance the bike. If the bike is slanted to the right in midair, you must press the left arrow key to make it level. Throughout the level, there are a number of ramps and obstacles such as the water pump. The bike must be in a straight, balanced position and not slanted to the right or left when in midair. You should always aim to keep your bike in a well balance and straight position in order to avoid falling down.
One special feature of the game that is not available in other BMX games is that it shows the MPH of the bike. As you play the game, you will notice that the mph (miles per hour) speed is recorded on the lower screen. The mph just gives you an idea of how fast you are actually going. The score is also displayed alongside the Music menu on the lower screen. The time elapsed is recorded on the lower left screen. If you want to restart the level, you can click on Quit on the lower screen.

The arrow keys are used to control the direction the bike is going. Pressing the right arrow key will make your bike move forward. In order to turn your bike to the right side, you would have to make use of the up and the right arrow key. A similar action is required for a move to the left side, using a combination of the up and left arrow keys. When you press the up and left or right keys, the bike will jump up and rotate to the opposite direction. Pressing the up and left or right keys for too long otherwise the biker will fall down.
Just like other BMX games, you will fall down if you couldn’t maintain the balance of the bike. A few obstacles will show up from time to time, for which you would have to press the spacebar to jump over them. For special tricks with the bike, you need to press Z or X along with one of the arrow keys. The M key on the keyboard is for the music volume. To quit the game, you can press the Esc button.