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BMX Street Ride 3D:

BMX Street Ride 3D Description:
Street Ride BMX is one of the very few single player 3D BMX Games available in the Internet. A mixture of 3D animations, detailed and appealing graphics and a great game engine deliver a complete BMX Game package online gamers are more than happy to receive. The game is completely free to play, you will just need your skills and a little enthusiasm to engage your virtual BMX Bike in a virtual world, in this particular case, the city streets.
As soon as you choose ‘Single Player’ mode, which is the only one available at the moment, you will be taken to a character option screen. In this step the player is given the option to choose between two BMX biker characters, basically a boy and a girl. After selecting your character, you will be given a brief tour of the landscape where you may ride your bike, then taken back to the starting point and the counter on the top right will start running, meaning you’re up! Essentially, you have 5:00 minutes show your skills in the various ramps placed randomly all over the city, but most importantly, to collect the yellow stars. The yellow stars will be the ones to actually yield points to your scoreboard, so it may prove to be a good idea to ride across town looking for these goodies if you want to achieve a higher score. Ramps and landscape remain the same after every game, so some may choose to remember their favorite spots where they perform better, in order to return in a different game.
Once you engage one of the ramps, and find yourself in mid-air, a small menu will appear under the bike showing the available options for stunt performing. Make sure to gather some speed and some elevation for your stunts in order to follow through and avoid crashing to the ground. Also, watch out for stars in high places, these may seem almost impossible to get at first, but once you get a grip on the game you will notice how your performance improves, and the number of stars collected as well. There is no specific number of lives, or times you may fall, so just keep going. At the end of the five minutes, the game will stop and show you your score, and that’s it. A small sign will suggest that you submit your score, but the developer still don’t have a fully functional highscore system, so chance are it will not work as intended.

The arrow keys will be the main set of controls when riding the bike in the ground, starting with the UP arrow key, which will move your bike forward. However, once you’re up in the air, the arrow keys will take a whole different meaning, where the UP arrow key will induce a forward flip, and the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys may be used to rotate in air. The SPACE key is used to Jump when you’re on the ground, this is especially useful when trying to get a hold of stars that are one step above the ground. The X key will perform a stunt when in the air, and may also be used in combination with the arrow keys for even more stunt options. Last, but not least, the V key will change your point of view of the scenery, and the Q key will quit the game. Have Fun!